How I lost my Toenails…and Other Bad Stories From 2017

The year is almost over and you don’t need to worry about me posting any of that “new year, new me” BS. I already know I am going to be the same dysfunctional, indecisive, awkward girl that people have come to love! I have never been much of a “New Years Resolution-er”, but I do always enjoy reflecting back on the year and thinking of all the major events that have happened!

You know when people say, “the good comes with the bad”? Well, that is true and I have had a lot of bad stories to go along with the good ones from this year! I think it’s important to share these stories and erase the “picture perfect” image that is always shared on social media! I am sure I am going to forget a few stories, but here are my 2017 highlights!

  1. Starting out with a bang!

I should have known that the year was going to be a little rocky, because I rang in the New Year by puking in my best friend’s sink! I am usually a pretty responsible drinker, but last year I got a little carried away with the festivities and didn’t want to leave any drink behind! After a night of mixing all the sugary drinks, I got home and regretted everything! Let me tell you this, if you are going to be hanging out with any cutie crushes this year for New Years Eve/New Years Day, don’t make them clean up after you because that is going to put an end to that REAL fast!

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2. Galapagos Disaster

Wasn’t long before my next memorable mishap took place this year! In February my friend Erica and I went to Ecuador and set off to the Galapagos Islands! This was probably my favorite trip that I have ever been on and you can read all about it here: A Bucket List Vacation. As incredible as this trip was, I couldn’t escape a travelers fate and was sick for days! We never figured out exactly what made me sick, but we were betting it was either the food or the water! Thank God it was just a girl’s trip and my friend Erica was so prepared, but I lost so many fluids that trip! I was not only puking, but losing things from the other end as well if you know what I mean! This bug lasted about 3 full days, and then on and off for about another week or two after that. I stopped eating the meat there, lived on charcoal tabs (new travel staple), and drank plenty of water and gatorade! The worst part was not being able to explore the tortoise reserve!! I was so sick that I had to lay down for most of it on a nearby bench! Luckily, I was well enough to power-through snorkeling, but was immediately sick afterwards and didn’t stray far from a bathroom the rest of the trip!


3. I Left my Toenails in South Africa

This year I was running for “sister of the year” and I took my little brother to South Africa for a little vacation! Since he is a 20 year old boy, our common interest lie with outdoor activities. We went on a safari, did lots of hiking, and even had a few beach days (Down in Africa). With all the hiking that we did I ended up with what I thought were bruises on my two big toes. I had worn my hiking boots many times before, but when we were coming down Lion’s Head, my toes were sliding with the little room that they had and were hitting the toe of my boots. This caused me to get blisters UNDER my toenails!! I didn’t even know this was a thing! So I followed the instructions on how to alleviate the pressure caused by the blister fluids under the nail and instantly felt better! However, if anyone has ever popped a blister before, you know how the skin gets loose and usually comes off, well my toenails were attached to that skin and I lost my toenails with the skin! It wasn’t as painful as you would think, but they did take forever to grow back! This was in May and now, here in December, I finally have my full-length toenails back!


4. South Africa did me Dirty

Not only did I lose my toenails in Cape Town, I also got puked on. My brother and I decided to go on a wine tour one of the days and we met this married couple from Israel! They were so much fun, but definitely on the crazy side! The two of them had a little too much to drink throughout the day and on our way back into town, the girl puked all over me in the van! Between the wine I had myself, the bumpy car ride, and the lingering smell/thought of just being thrown up on, I myself began throwing up and couldn’t stop. The smell was awful and the chain reaction had already been set in motion. My brother said it was the worst part of the trip and he didn’t even get puked on!!!

work favorite

5. That Time a Passenger Made me Cry

Over the summer I wasn’t able to travel too much and just ended up working a lot. For those of you who aren’t in the aviation industry and don’t know, the summer months are brutal for us. The passengers are people who aren’t well traveled and usually highly stressed, and most of their frustration gets taken out on the flight attendants. I normally am pretty good about letting this stuff roll off, but with being over-worked and sleep-deprived, I was at my breaking point already. One of my passengers asked for a gin and tonic minutes before landing and I told him per the FAA regulations, I was unable to serve anymore items once we were on decent. The passenger then proceeded to make a huge scene, slamming things, cussing, and asking for my name. I spoke with him briefly before taking my seat for landing. Once we were on the ground, we had to wait about 15 minutes for a gate agent to come and open our door. During that time, this passenger (who was in 1B) cussed me out and yelled at me, all while my coworkers stood there and let me handle it. I finally got the pilot to intervene, which wasn’t even much help. After 15 minutes of being yelled at, I am still holding it together and the guy gets off the plane. Then, every single person in first class thanked me and said sorry upon deplaning and that’s when I lost it. You know how when you are sad, or something is wrong, and you are doing okay until people start trying to hug you or talk to you about it? That was me, and I literally just turned around and cried in the corner for the rest of deplaning while my coworker and pilot stood in front of me to say bye to the passengers.


6. The Prague Accident

I know most of you probably remember the car accident story since that one was pretty recent, but for those of you who missed, here you go: 24 hours in Prague. The Prague trip started out rough already, as I was commuting from Minneapolis to New York City, to work my trip. With weather delays I got in trouble for the first time at work since I was 15 minutes late for my sign-in and I thought that was awful! I was having a bad day already, but I tried to put that aside and make the most of the rest of the trip. We had 24 hours to explore Prague and my crew and I had the best time! It was truly one of my favorite layovers and I am so happy that I actually ended up going on that trip, even with all the hassle. Once we landed back in New York though, a flight attendant and her pilot husband shared a cab with me to another airport and that is when we all got into a car accident! Overall, the injuries weren’t terrible, but it was a rough hit and one of the passengers didn’t have their seatbelt on. Most of the injuries actually came out of that passenger flying around and banging into us and it is a miracle that they ended up being okay!

Even with some rocky points this year, 2017 has been an amazing year for me and has shown me some of the most incredible places this world has to offer! This year was my first real rough patch with this job and it took me a while to get out of the funk that I was in, but I am finally over it and I am ready to tackle the rest of the year! After seeing 6 new countries this year I am excited to see what is in store for 2018! Happy New Year to all of you and remember to be safe!


7 thoughts on “How I lost my Toenails…and Other Bad Stories From 2017

  1. THANK YOU for being willing to share the bad stories too. So often I see travelers getting upset at minor issues when they’ve planned an amazing getaway, but you can’t get away from life! There will be injuries and sickness and accidents even though you planned a trip for months in advance. It’s a good reminder that it’s happening to those who are supposed to be travel experts too, aka flight attendants.

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    1. Yes! People get so stressed about going on vacation and then they think nothing bad can happen to them because they are on “vacation” and that’s totally not true! You just need to learn to go without and make the best out of any situation! Live and learn, right?


    1. Thanks mary! That means a lot! I miss you and the entire family! I know 2017 was a hard one for you all, but I know next year will have many great things in store! I hope to see you sometime soon!


  2. Girl, I love how transparent you are with these posts. I love how you keep it real with both the good and the bad. Keep doing what you’re doing & I wish you a very happy, healthy 2018!

    Liked by 1 person

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