Meals On The GO!!

Anyone here trying to be healthy while on the road but not go 100% over the board yet with “health conscious” decisions?! I say this because that’s where I am! I have been making healthier choices for my diet but I am new at this and know that I am not the poster-child for healthy eating. I make mistakes here and there when it comes to healthy eating, but honestly, my diet plan is made up for me and my personal issues and everyone should follow a plan that best fits their needs and lifestyle! I mentioned some of my issues on my previous post (What’s For Lunch?) as well as some other recipes that I have been loving lately!

This weekend I posted a few pictures on my Instagram Story while I was meal prepping and had a lot of requests for a blogpost for more recipes and meal prepping ideas. As far as meal prepping supplies and staples, you kind find most of what I use in my post: What’s For Lunch? but for a few more meal and snack ideas, you can read below for what I packed for this weekend’s trip.



Lemon-Garlic-Herb Salmon & Asparagus

Obviously this one will only work if you are a seafood lover, but for me I LOVE salmon and it is so easy to prepare! This recipe can be altered with different veggies and seasonings, however for myself, the only alteration was that I used Smart Balance butter which is a healthier and dairy-free option as opposed to regular butter. Once prepared I let the food cool before wrapping it in tinfoil and placing it in a Tupperware container. The tinfoil makes for an easy heating option when I am on the plane since I can just throw the whole meal into our ovens onboard.


Italian Seasoned Stuffed Mushrooms

Confession, this is not the recipe that I used to prepare my own mushrooms, but I made up my own recipe and this was the closest recipe that I could find for an online reference. For my own mushrooms I used 2 large portobello mushroom caps and I gently cleaned out the insides with a spoon. I then seared the mushrooms for a few minutes on the stove with a little olive oil and set the caps aside. Next, I cooked lean ground-turkey in a large sauce pan and added salt, pepper, and diced bell-peppers to the pan. Then I added a homemade bruschetta mix of tomatoes, garlic, pepper, olive oil, and basil. To thicken it all up a bit I added about a 1/3 cup of Italian bread crumbs and some dairy-free mozzarella cheese. If you need a good brand of dairy-free cheese, try using Daiya. It tastes and melts great! The final step is to scoop the mixture and press it gently into the mushroom caps. The caps can then be wrapped into tinfoil and placed into freezer bags until you are ready to take them onto your trips.


Breakfast Sandwich

Again, I used my own recipe for this breakfast sandwich but this one is pretty similar. For my own, I sautéed mushrooms, garlic, and spinach in a medium sauce pan. Then I added egg whites over the top to create an omelet and topped it off with Daiya’s dairy free cheddar cheese. I cut the omelet into 2 for 2 sandwiches and placed them each on 100 calorie bread thins. For this option you can leave them as is for a vegetarian sandwich, or you can add a slice of cooked turkey bacon cut in half on the sandwich before wrapping the sandwich in tinfoil.

black bean

Spicy Black Bean Burger

I had 1 black bean burger left and decided to throw this into my bag as well as a bag of frozen green beans, because even though I love to cook, I also love to have a variety of meals and I don’t have time to cut and prepare several different options for my trips. These are easy to prepare and super tasty, so I highly recommend stocking up on your favorite brand (not necessarily this brand) of frozen veggie/chickpea patties.

// PacketsLastly, for my “meals” I threw in a tuna packet. Some days I barely have time to eat, let alone heat up my food, so tuna packets are great to always carrier in your bag as a healthy, easy option when you need a quick protein-packed meal!



Biena Roasted Chickpeas

These are my FAVORITE snack! Recently Biena sent me a large box filled with all of their flavors and I am OBSESSED! These chickpeas are healthy and so, so tasty! Ny favorite flavors have been the cinnamon and the honey roasted, because I have a major sweet tooth! These have helped curve my appetite from less desirable choices in my diet!



These RXBARs are another staple in my bag and are excellent protein bars to carrier with you when you are on the go! I have tried a few different flavors but my favorite one so far has been the Chocolate Sea Salt bar! I did just order Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread flavors though and the Chocolate Sea Salt bar might have some competition. If you want to try these bars out for yourself here’s 25% off (click the link to use my code) and free shipping on your first RXBAR order! RXBARs are whole food protein bars that contain no gluten, soy, dairy or B.S. — I know you will love them.

// MixRecently I have been loving on some pistachios and this mix is delicious! I never was one for trail mix, unless there were m&ms in it, but this nut mix has been surprisingly pleasant! It fills me up and fuels me to get through my day!

// PB2PB2 is AMAZING! I carry around the chocolate powdered peanut butter in my bag so when I have to have a sweet snack I have a healthier choice to fall back on! I tend to mix this with almonds banana slices since we have those on the plane and aren’t items I need to carry in my bag with me.


Tazo Dessert Delight Teas


These teas are some of my favorite items in my bag! I am a huge tea drinker and these “sweet” (not actually sweet tea) flavors have been my favorites for the past couple of weeks! I have tried the butterscotch blondie flavor, the Vanilla Macaroon flavor, and the Lemon Loaf flavor. The Lemon Loaf is caffeine free which is excellent because I always seem to crave a dessert when I get in my hotel room and this keeps me from not only eating late, but also indulging in a dessert.


I carry a few other items in my bag such as whatever fresh fruit that I have on-hand, a couple other protein bars, and packets of instant oatmeal! Packing as a flight attendant isn’t easy, like when you pack all this fresh food and don’t even have a fridge in your hotel room, but I am learning everyday and love to share my tips to make things easier for my other friends living out of their suitcase! If you enjoy these tips/recipes let me know and I will keep posting them!


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