I know everyone will be posting today about how they are thankful for their families and the time that they are able to spend with them, and even though it is a bit cliche, I am finding that I am especially thankful this year for several things and would like to share them with you.

I think it is very important to share what we are thankful for because this little act spreads happiness and radiates positivity to those around us. This day has transformed into something more than a turkey dinner (or tofurkey for some) and has become a time to reflect on the good things that we have going for us.

A few weeks ago my grandma had a stroke and was hospitalized and then stuck in a rehab facility until she was able to be moved. Since then, her and my uncle have moved in with my parents, and even though it is an adjustment for all, I am thankful to be getting to spend the holidays with the people I love for another year!

Processed with VSCO with e8 preset

Another thing that I am thankful for is the growth of our family! This time last year we were celebrating the news that a sweet little baby boy was going to come into our lives and now I have this cutie little butter ball of a nephew! img_1104

As you all know already, I am extremely thankful for my job that allows me to spend so much time with the important people in my life! Not only am I getting able to spend Thanksgiving at home this year, but I have also been able to see my brother play college football recently, I have been able to lend a helping hand to my sleepless sister and brother-in-law in Chicago for a few days each month, and I have been getting to spend mini work-cations with my favorite flight attendants in fun cities so much recently!img_7175

And finally, I am thankful for my readers and the new friendships that I have made through social media! Not everyone has been so kind about my blogging, and it is a shame that many of those people are people that I would have considered friends until recently. But through blogging and Instagram, I have met other strong women who love to travel and lift each other up and this year I have encountered so many amazing girls who have boosted my confidence and helped me become the person that I am today! I have already went on some incredible adventures with some of them and now have forever friendships that I can’t wait to watch grow! Thank you ladies for always being a positive light in my life and pushing me towards greater things! img_6534

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday wherever you are in the world and all take a moment to remember a few things you are thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!


p.s. you can get $30 off this Kate Spade dress that I am wearing for Thanksgiving by clicking the link in my post Rent the Runway!


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