Smiling’s My Favorite!

The holiday schedules are here!!!

 Every month I am anxious for my schedule to come out, but when it is a month of holiday celebrations, I am like a kid on Christmas morning! In this industry you never really know what you are going to get when you are junior, but so far I have been pretty lucky over the holidays (Holidays Around The World).

This week our schedules came out for December and I am so thrilled to know that I will be home the night of Christmas Eve, to spend Christmas Day with my family! Also, I am a big believer in karma and think that all my helpful swaps during the year came back around to me just in time for Thanksgiving! This week I was able to swap my Amsterdam trip for Thanksgiving with another flight attendant and am now able to be off and go home to share a few days with my family!

After working very low hours these past few months, I knew I needed to pick up the pace a little bit for December since I am planning a BIG trip in February! So here is what I got:

-Kicking off day 1 of December on a beach in Hawaii with my best friend!

-The 2nd-5th I am off and am spending a few days with my sister and her family!

-The 7th-12th is up in the air since these are my “on-call” days at work

-16th-18th I have a 3 day trip that brings me to my hometown AZ!!!

-I picked up an Anchorage turn to sneak in some hours on the 20th

-The 23rd-26th! This is my Christmas trip! I may not be off, but I am getting to spend a 27 hour layover in Phoenix with my family and I am so excited!

-I picked up another turn on the 28th to San Francisco to not only gain some hours, but to line up my trips a little bit so I can’t be scheduled something I don’t want in January 😉

-29th-31st I swapped into a 3 day trip that gets me home in time to ring in the New Year back at base! I already have my party dress and can’t wait to close out another year with a bang!

All in all, I have 12 days off, I get to spend Christmas with my family while getting holiday pay at work, and I’ll even make holiday pay on New Years Eve before the festivities begin! Being junior isn’t so bad and my schedule gets better and better with each new flight attendant! If you want a schedule like this apply here: October Flight Attendant Jobs


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