Rent the Runway!

Where are my fashionistas at?! I recently joined Rent the Runway and am OBSESSED with it! I found out about it while I was browsing for a New Years Eve dress, and for less than the price of 1 dress, I was able to rent 3 dresses and some accessories! If you are interested in trying it out, click the link at the bottom of this post for $30 off your first rental!

Rent the Runway currently has 3 different monthly plans starting at just $89 for those of you who want to permanently have a rotating closet, or they have an option to simply rent each individual piece that they offer for a set price! The monthly commitments can be canceled at any time, so if you decide to try it for a while and end up not liking it, you aren’t stuck in a longer commitment.

I went ahead and chose the unlimited express for the holiday season since I got a great signup deal and was able to get a dress to wear out and about, a dress for Thanksgiving dinner, and a party dress for New Years Eve!


How it works is you select which option you will be renting with, and then you browse their entire closet through their app or their website! You can rent 4 pieces at a time and depending on which plan you choose, you might need to return your pieces within a certain time frame, or you might get to keep them until you are ready for something new! The best part about being an unlimited member is that I can keep the outfits for however long I want while I am a member. After ordering, all the pieces were delivered to my door (with express shipping) in a very nice travel garment bag and I was able to try on all the pieces in the comfort of my own home! Luckily for me, everything fit perfectly and I am in love with each piece! I am so excited to wear them for upcoming events and then looking forward to trying out some more casual pieces to bring with me on future trips and layovers!

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

I have already made a sub-closet with a bunch of apparel and accessories that I am waiting to get in my next order and after finding out that I can purchase my rentals for 50% off their rental price, I might even be keeping a few of the things I got the first time around! If you are interested in trying out this company, use my referral link here for $30 off of your first order: Rent the Runway! Let me know if you have any questions and if you are going to try it out!



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