How I got paid $500 to stay at home and watch movies!

The past 3 days I have been home watching movies, baking, cleaning, blogging, and losing my mind…luckily someone is paying me to do it!

A bunch of people ask me about being on-call as a flight attendant and personally, I don’t think it’s all that bad. Unlike other airlines, I am not on-call all the time, but only 6 days out of the month. For those 6 days it is pretty rare not to get used for a trip, however, I am usually the person asking to fly somewhere so that could be my fault. This month though I haven’t been too keen on flying and I think that is because I have had so much time off and am not ready to go back.

I haven’t REALLY worked since October 18th. I had a little bit of vacation time and had originally planned to head to the Philippines for the first week of November, but I had been traveling a lot, and after Hong Kong and Japan, I really just wanted to come home and get some things in order. Since then, I have picked up a Barcelona trip, and then dropped said trip to Barcelona…so now I am on-call and things have been pretty quiet around here. Hopefully I don’t jinx it, but it doesn’t look like things are going to change much today either. So, what do flight attendants do while on-call?

We don’t have AM or PM on-call, so when you are on-call, its 24 hours a day. You get a call-out window so that if you get used for a trip you do have a little bit of time to get ready and pack your bags before having to head to the airport. I however, have a bit of a paranoid personality when it comes to getting in trouble, so if I don’t have a trip assigned to me I get too nervous to go out because I am afraid I won’t make it home in time and will be late for work. It helps a little to know where I am on the call list, so these past 3 days after I had exhausted all that I could do inside my apartment, I actually went to hang out with one of my few friends here in Minneapolis for a couple of hours!

It was so nice to get out of the house because I will admit, as awesome as it sounds to stay in and get paid, I was going a bit stir-crazy!!! I went out/in for a casual night of drinks and games (there was only water in my cup…I know, I am sooooo much fun) at my friends house while snow was falling outside and I actually forgot that I was on-call for a moment and just enjoyed being “off” on a Friday night.

This morning I woke up with still no call, I made breakfast, ran some errands, and baked some healthy-zero-fun blondies to keep me busy! Now that its 1:45pm, and I have finally downed the cup o’coffee that I’ve been nursing all day, I think it’s time to get ready for the day because maybe, just maybe, I will get called to go out on a trip tonight!


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