Christmas Shopping List for the Traveler in Your Life

Since scoring this job that allows me to Jetset around the world, I have started a tradition of themed Christmas presents each year! My first year traveling everyone received Christmas presents from London, and the next year everyone got Christmas presents from Maui! This year I think my family has a good idea of where their Christmas presents are coming from, but we are going to pretend its a surprise anyways!

I know the holidays are coming up and everyone could use a little help with some gift ideas for their loved ones! Personally, I like to create a list of everyone that I need to shop for and then list a few items that I think they would like. I go from there and sometimes deviate from the list, but narrowing it down like that makes things seem a lot easier!

To make things easier for you, I have listed a few holiday gift ideas that are both unique and useful for those travelers in your life! The best part, is everything can be found on Amazon!

1. Travel Planner

This is a great gift for those who can’t seem to remember the day of the week! Everyone gets so busy and for those who are always on the go, a travel planner is a great gift to help them stay on track!


2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

These little cameras are so cute and fun but they aren’t usually something that most people would buy for themselves! These cameras are compact and print out instant travel memories that can be kept or shared!


3. Swell Travel Mug

I am obsessed with my swell bottle but I don’t actually have a traveler mug! These are a little pricey but I seriously use my Swell bottle EVERYDAY so I think it is well-worth the cost! Currently, I use mine for hot water to bring to work since I make my own tea and coffee, but these bottles keep your drinks hot or cold all day long! Plus they have a ton of super cute styles! (wink wink to my mom and dad)


4. Iphone Lens Kit

This is such a great small gift for someone who loves taking travel photos but doesn’t want to commit to a hefty camera just yet! Snap a higher quality iPhone photo using these clip-on lens attachments that are so much easier to bring along on-the-go!


5. La Siesta Travel Hammock

I bought one of these for myself about a year ago and think its fabulous! If you know any campers or simply outdoorsy people, then this should be the gift for them! Portable and easy to set up with just the assistance of two trees! Takes relaxing to a whole other level!

6. Passport Holder

So by this point you’d assume everyone has a passport cover by now, but passport covers are like phone cases, wallets, or purses! Eventually you need a new one, or you just want a different style! So searching for a passport holder can be an easy yet thoughtful gift for someone!


7. Scratch Map

This was actually a gift given to me by one of my best friends and I love it! I get so excited to scratch off a new country as I am making my way across the globe! For a true adventure out there, this is a gift they will love without a doubt!


8. International Charging Block

This can be a stocking stuffer for sure! These are cheap but I travel with them (this exact one) and love it! This block has all the major plug adaptors that you will need on your travels and also has USB ports and normal plugs, so you can charge more than one item at a time!


9. Bluetooth Speaker

I have a new obsession with bluetooth speakers lately and bring one with me everywhere! I now have a small one for my layovers, one for my house, and a clip-on one that I take for vacations when I am doing some hiking/outdoor activities. Recently my friend and I clipped the speaker to our treehouse in Bali for an awesome weekend out in the jungle!


10. Destination Book

Last but not least, check out this incredible book of destinations by National Geographic! This was another gift given to me personally, so I know from experience, this gift is a hit! My friends have even purchased it for themselves after seeing mine, so you cannot go wrong with this gift of dreamy destinations around the globe!



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