Flight Attendant Interview Tips!

Hey future flight attendants!

I have a bunch of info available for those of you who want to become flight attendants already on my blog, but what I don’t have much of are tips for the interview! Luckily I only had to go through this process once, and believe me the process is different for everyone, but it is currently hiring season again and I want to give you a helping hand!

1.You love people!

Nobody wants a flight attendant who is not a people person! For this industry you have to be good with people! I don’t care if that means being good at faking that you like people, but when it comes down to it, you need to smile, be nice, and be patient with people! Make sure when you are interviewing that the company can see that you enjoy being around other people. Something that I think helped in my interview is that I said I wear a pretend bullet proof vest. I told the interviewers that when I come to work I don’t take things personally. I know traveling is hard on people and there are a lot of variables that I can’t control. I know people will take things out on me but I will smile and continue to help them! At the end of the day, I take that vest off and leave the problems with it.

2. Know what the job is!

Safety! Safety! Safety! This job is not about wanting to travel the world, and this job is not about serving diet cokes at 32,000 feet. This job is a safety position and you need to make them understand that you know that. Customer service is important but it will always come second to your safety related duties.

3. You’ve accepted this job as a lifestyle!

Becoming a flight attendant isn’t like any other job. This job becomes your lifestyle and you need to be all in. You need to be willing to relocate (some companies let you commute, but you can figure out commuting later, tell them you will relocate). You need to work nights, weekends, and holidays. You need to be able to be on the road for multiple days at a time. You will go through a lot of change with this job and it is a huge adjustment. It can seem scary, but don’t let that show. The interview is not a time to second guess things. Come across as certain when they ask you about these areas.

4. Sell yourself!

They are watching you from the moment this process begins, but even more so at the face to face interview. The second you walk onto the property they are watching how you carry yourself. They are watching how you mingle with the other candidates; and they are watching you smile and look enthusiastic even when an interviewer isn’t speaking to you.

A caviate to this pointer is too not come across as fake. Everyone knows being ON 100% isn’t ever going to be natural, but you need to make it seem as if it is. They are looking for genuine people with personalities that shine! I am naturally a bubbly and smiley person, but if thats not you, be a professional and smiley person. No matter what though, you need to be a smiley person.

5. Look the part!

“This job is not all about being pretty.” I know I have posted this on a blog before, but I put this in here because a person on the interview team literally told me that during my face to face interview! I didn’t know what to think or how to respond, but in that moment I thought, “you are not getting this job,” maybe it was a test, who knows! Anyways, look professional and know your company. If your company likes a classic look, a few pearls wouldn’t kill you. If a signature color is red, try adding a touch of red into your outfit. Most importantly, dress like a business person. They want to hire people that clean up nice. It doesn’t matter if you wear a pantsuit, skirt-suit, or a dress, but add a blazer to it if you need to! I know some people who were hired in just a nice blouse and a skirt, but most of the feedback I have seen says wear a blazer. Also, panty hose is not optional! You NEED to wear panty hose if any part of your legs are showing! Sorry guys, I don’t have a bunch of interview outfit tips for you, but slacks and a tie go a long way. I haven’t seen much love for the bowties, so maybe don’t risk it!

6.Use the STAR Method!

Star stands for:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

Many companies go off the Star Method, and its a technique used to answer interview questions. You can google the Star Method for a more detailed description and examples, but basically you need to answer questions in a short story format. There needs to be a clear situation, task, action, and result to your experience stories, so practice this beforehand with stories that showcase your problem solving, customer service, and safety-related abilities!


I hope these few tips help you all! If you want to find more advice that I have I will leave a couple of my most beneficial blog posts for you! Good luck to everyone and comment below if you have any other questions! I am happy to help!

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