Childhood dreams come true

Who else was obsessed with Mario Karts as a kid? I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am still slightly obsessed! Every time my siblings and I go home, we can’t help but gather around and hash out another rematch to see who is the ultimate champion! Well hours upon hours of playing the Nintendo 64 couldn’t prepare me for this moment! Real life Mario kart racing around the streets of Japan! I think its safe to say that I am the ultimate winner now!

About a month ago I had a 24 hour layover in Japan and my friend and I saw a group of Nintendo characters racing around Tokyo and ever since then I have been dying to do this! When I got home I researched the company and immediately asked Jensen if we could do this on our trip to Japan!


All we needed to do was obtain an international drivers permit from AAA ($20) and book through the website for a date and a time! Originally, we had booked to drive around Tokyo, however, due to the Typhoon that recently hit, we were rained out and had to reschedule for a later date while we were in Osaka. Luckily for us, this actually turned out to be a better experience since the guides in Osaka were so awesome! We had a great time with our small group of 6 as we drove around Osaka for 2 hours!


For 9,000 yen ($78) the tour includes the costume rental, pictures/videos of your ride, and a guide who takes you around some of the top sights in the area! There were so many costumes to choose from but Jensen and I opted for the classics, Mario and Luigi! After getting geared up, we had a little breakdown of how the go-carts ran and some rules of the road before heading out! I was a little nervous, so naturally they all made me go first!


We drove across an iconic bridge in the area, the Osaka Castle, and the downtown area Dotonbori! The two hours flew by and when we all returned back to the home base we found out that Maricar gave social media rates for those who review the tour! We ended up getting 2,000 yen back each, which resulted in the tour only being $60 per person.30晩便関山_171030_0012

Overall, this was one of the highlights of our trip for Jensen and I both and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone heading to Japan! It was so much fun to live out this childhood dream of ours! If I ever get the chance, I would 10/10 do this again!



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