Where will you go?!

November schedules are out and I am so excited to have some fun-filled layovers again! I got a great schedule and am really looking forward to next month and some trips that feel like mini vacations!

First let me start by telling you all that I had a little change of plans and have decided NOT to continue my vacation onto the Philippines next month. Instead I am going to fly back home, enjoy a few days off, and then work an international trip out of New York! Fingers crossed it goes better than my last one (Car wreck in NYC!). I am doing this because even though I was able to get the time off for my trip, one of my friends wasn’t and I really just didn’t feel like being away for that long. I have some stuff going on back home and just felt like spending more money and taking another vacation wasn’t going to be the wisest choice right now. Anyways, here it is, after 2 months of barely flying! I am back in the swing of things!

  1. I’m heading to Barcelona! I was supposed to go earlier this year and gave up that trip to hang out with some friends at a wedding, so I am stoked to finally get to see it! 
  2. My 6 on-call days for the month! Some people like to give these away, but I don’t mind them most of the time because I usually get an international trip on them!
  3. A 3 day with high hours and a layover in Salt Lake City so I am able to hang out with Jensen!
  4. My thanksgiving trip…Amsterdam! The past couple of years I have gotten to be home for thanksgiving due to some awesome long layovers, but unfortunately this year there wasn’t any. I’m fine celebrating a little early though and taking this fun trip for a little extra holiday pay!
  5. Another 3 day trip with a great crew! We are headed to Kansas City and San Diego, and even though this trip isn’t one of my favorites, the crew will make it fun! 
  6. Last but not least! I am heading to HAWAII with my best friend! This will be the first trip that we have been able to get together and I can’t wait to have a mini girlcation! 

I know this schedule looks like a lot, but I have basically had the past 2 months off and am looking to gain a few extra hours before the end of the years which is quickly approaching. My original schedule was a little lighter than this, but I swapped a few things and picked up 2 trips! If this kind of schedule flexibility is for you, head over to my other blog post (Flight Attendant Jobs) and apply now! Good luck! 


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