Oh the places you’ll go

When you are little you dream of all the places you’ll go, the things you’ll be, and the ways you’ll change. Well I’m on my way to being older now, and I’ve seen those places, I’ve became those things, and I’ve changed and am still changing everyday. For the past couple of years I have been on the hunt for that “ah-ha” moment. That moment that leaves you weightless and grounded at the same time. That moment that takes your breath away. That moment that makes you feel whole.

Well, I’ve sat beneath the Eiffel Tower, I have swam with sharks in the Pacific, and I have hiked volcanos in Bali. I have done some truly spectacular things on my search to find this one incredible place, but I know deep-down that I’ve already found it. Nothing I do, or anything that I see, will ever be able to replace the feeling of coming home. I could see the entire world, but at the end of the day, I’ll be looking forward to that flight back to Arizona the most. Its not just the heat, the comfort of familiarity, or my friends, its the family. No matter where life takes us, nothing will ever bring us greater joy than getting together for a family weekend back home.

Since moving away, my little brother has started playing college football and I have made it to exactly 1 game each year. Now those of you who know me, know that I HATE football. This loathing for the sport goes far beyond the game itself, but every year I look forward to seeing my brother play. This year is extraordinarily special because the entire family will get to attendant during none other than “Family Weekend”. Also, this will be the first year with the new edition to our family, little Leo, and also the first time that everyone in the family will have their significant others with them!

As my mom currently sits right next to me as I write this post, I hope she knows that I appreciate the home and the memories that her and my dad have given us growing up, and I am looking forward to a weekend full of laughter and games while at home with the family! This right here is the true adventure!


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