Why you SHOULDN’T be a flight attendant

Alright folks, let’s be real here for a minute. This post might come off as a little negative, but honestly it’s just meant to be informative. I know I have posted a little bit about the cons of this industry before but I don’t think people are really listening. So here it goes! The nitty gritty and all the reasons why this job is NOT for you!

Since I have become a flight attendant I have had numerous people message me about wanting to become a flight attendant and how they think they will be perfect for the job and how they just LOVE traveling. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel like I do a pretty good job at keeping it real on social media and not over glamorizing it, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I am only showing the pros of the job and I am misleading people into thinking this job is something other than it is. Several people I know who have gotten into this job end up HATING IT and I just don’t get it. Like what did you think you were getting into? Why are you surprised with what this job entails? Did they not tell you the same thing during your interview that they told me? 

Hopefully this doesn’t come off as another whiny vent sesh by a flight attendant, but here are a few reasons why this job is NOT for you! 

1. You are unwilling to move.

Why would you come into this career if you are unwilling to try something new? This job is about traveling and you come into it because you want to try something new and have different experiences. So many new hires come into this job and whine and cry about not being based at home. This job doesn’t cater to you. You chose to come into it and you need to deal with the bad along with the good. Cut the ties, grow up, and move away from the life you knew before. You will grow so much and truly benefit from all that this job has to offer if you aren’t trying to commute or just go home all the time. 

2. You aren’t an independent person.

You will spend so much time by yourself in this job and you need to be okay with being alone. If you aren’t comfortable and confident with being by yourself then this job is NOT for you. It is so sad, but many flight attendants become depressed especially in their first year because they spend so much time away from their family and friends. Maybe I’m insensitive, but I just feel like as an adult you need to understand how to be independent and just grow up. If you can suck it up and deal with spending some time away from home, this job will be amazing for you! You’ll get stretches of weeks off to go home and spend quality time with your family even if you are away for a while. 

3. You are bad with finances. 

It’s not true that flight attendants don’t make any money, but if you are poor with your budgeting, this job can be difficult for you. You will need to learn the importance of packing your meals so you don’t spend money on eating expensive crappy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. You will need to forgo wanting to get the latest and greatest gear if you want to invest money on tourist excursions. You will be in different places all the time and some layovers you might end up spending more than you make! If you want to go to a Broadway play in New York every once in a while though, DO IT! However, if you spent money like that on every layover, you would be broke! 

4. You don’t want to work weekends.

This isn’t a 9-5 Monday-Friday job. You have very unique hours and for me, that’s a huge benefit. My weekends are whenever I make them. I don’t get hung up on the saturdays and sundays of it, I enjoy my days off whenever I get them! If having every weekend off is important to you, and you just cannot handle missing out on a lake trip every once in a while to be in Amsterdam, then don’t apply because things like that will happen. 

5. You are entitled.

I know I am part of the “millennials” but honestly I don’t feel like I completely fit into that stereotype. I am consumed with electronics, but I work hard, I save money, I am responsible, and most importantly with this job, I pay my dues. I don’t expect things to be handed to me and I didn’t come in expecting it to be easy. The senior flight attendants had it A LOT harder than I have it now and I am grateful to be in this industry now after things have gotten better. That being said, I didn’t come into this job and expect to only work internationals. I understand I have to work weekends, and I don’t throw a fit when people won’t swap me their sweet trip for my on-call days. You are new in a job that is all about seniority. It will get better but you have to put in some time. Don’t throw a fit when you get used on your on-call days because that is just what being junior means. You have put in 3 months and are mad you aren’t getting the same things as people who have been here for 30 years. If you can’t handle a job based on seniority instead of performance, then this job isn’t for you. 

I love this job and even my worst days here are worth the benefits to me. I am not willing to give that up for anything, so when I am posting about loving my job and sharing my travels with you, that is all true! I am not trying to blindside you and trick you into thinking this job is a walk in the park because it’s not. But for me, the good outweighs the bad and I try to be positive about it all. If you truly want to apply, consider these things before you make the commitment. 


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