You May be a Flight Attendant if…(pt 2)

I did a little comical post about 20 things flight attendants commonly do (You May Be a Flight Attendant If…) and figured I could add a few more things to that list! For all my flight attendant friends out there, I hope this gives you a good laugh!

You may be a flight attendant if…

1.You have ironed your uniform with a hair straightener.

After doing your hair, you aren’t going to mess it up by taking your uniform off to iron out the kinks in your collar…fix it with a little flight attendant magic.

2.You have eaten more packets of tuna than you ever imagined.

Honestly, I am not even sure if it is safe to consume this much tuna, but its the easiest thing to pack on a 3 day trip.

3.You can sleep for 30 hours.

Do you really need to go out in Omaha, or can you catch up on all the lost sleep you’ve missed over the past year?

4.You politely refuse when the pilots offer to pay, even though you actually have no intention of paying.

The pilots are stuck talking to one person all day long so they are paying for your company in the least provocative way possible.

5.You drink 6+ cups of coffee a day.

I thought I had a caffeine problem before this job…I was such an amateur back then.

6.You know what Danskos are.

The ugliest, most comfortable shoes in the world! Move over Crocs.

7.You actually brag about your work schedule.

All those people with normal jobs don’t really care about how we get to go to Paris one weekend and Maui the next, but that won’t stop us from rubbing it in their faces.

8.You have pretended you were asleep while traveling to avoid talking to your seat mate.

Honestly dude, I am not working, I am just trying to sit here and watch a movie. Please stop talking to me about how your neighbor’s brother also works for the airlines.

9.You forget what its like to have to go to Target on a weekend when everyone else is off.

For the longest time I thought I had my own private store. Then I realized I was just shopping on Tuesday mornings.

10.You have faked sick to get out of hanging with your coworkers.

Actually, I’m not really feeling too well, I think I’m just going to hang out in my room.

11.You pack workout clothes even though you KNOW you aren’t going to work out.

Let’s be real…

12.You know the exact minute you can walk off of a trip when you are scheduled a long day.

Alright, you want to schedule me a 12.50 duty day? That means we only need a 2 hour and 11 minute delay before we can opt off! Let’s do this!

13.You make sure everyone looks at 10A when they go by to check out the cute passenger.

“Wait, which row again? The guy with the hat or the one with the jacket?”

14.You pity laugh at stupid jokes all day.

“I bet I fly as much as you do” ha ha

15.You seriously can’t deal with the Betty’s and Susan’s anymore.

Okay, we get it. You hate the company and you are just waiting to retire. Don’t try to ruin the rest of our spirits while you wait.

16.You stalk your crew on Facebook to mentally prepare yourself for work.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, judge it by it’s Facebook profile!

17.You have tried to explain your pay to a non-airline person with no success.

“Wait, you’re getting paid for this?”

18.You roll your eyes at the people constantly telling you about YOUR job.

“What the airlines should really do is…” & “You NEED to _____! It’s your job!” No sir, its not. Now take your seat.

19.You have fallen victim to the flight attendant 15.

How can you not gain a little weight in this job? Every time you go to a new place you have to try the local cuisine and let me tell you, that is NEVER a salad!

20.You know your job isn’t glamorous, but it surly beats sitting at a desk anywhere else!


Which ones can you relate with? If you aren’t a flight attendant, maybe you should apply!


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