October Schedule!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

I know October isn’t here quite yet, but the work schedules are! I hit the jackpot next month with having only 6 days of actual work! Thanks to a week worth of paid vacation time, recurrent training, and our guarantee of 10 days off each month, Delta couldn’t schedule me too much! I went ahead and asked for the rest of the month off and was granted it! So what does a flight attendant do with such an empty schedule?


Here is what my October schedule has in store for me:

October 4-8th:

I get to go home to Arizona and see my whole family, including my cute baby nephew who will be in town with my sister and brother-in-law, and my not so cute (just kidding) little brother who plays college football! I can’t wait for my boyfriend to come out and spend some time with my family as I make it to my yearly football game!

October 9-11th:

I will be in Utah for recurrent flight attendant training to make sure I am qualified to fly for another year! Then I’ll also get to hang out some more with my boyfriend who lives there!

October 12&13th:

These days will be spent packing and running errands as they will basically be my only days at home next month!

October 14-19th:

I have to work sometimes I guess, so this will be my one week of work for the month! I only have 6 days on-call, so I’m not sure where I’ll be headed yet, but I am sure it’ll be an adventure!

October 20-31st:

It’s Halloween! It’s my birthday! It’s my boyfriend’s first international trip! IT’S VACATION!!! I am so excited to be spending the end of October in Hong Kong and Japan with Jensen this year! It will be both of our first times spending significant time in these places and I have a few things planned already! The most important thing though is that for my birthday, I will be getting to cross off the last 2 Disney parks in the world with this trip! I will truly be a Disney pro after this!

After October my plan is to extend my vacation into November and then head down to the Philippines with some friends after my boyfriend heads back to work, but I guess we will have to wait and see what the schedule looks like! Wish me luck! & if you want to apply and have a schedule like this, click the link below to apply!




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