Inside the Jungle!

Jane of the jungle here, coming to you live from the Ayu Treehouse in Bali! Normally I wouldn’t do a separate post for my accommodations, but this place called for a special occasion!I AM LIVING IN A TREEHOUSE! Talk about checking off a dream bucketlist item!

The Ayu Treehouse is in the countryside rice fields of Bali close to Ubud. The entire treehouse cost only $38 a night and it includes a hot homemade breakfast every morning! Our host Gede and his wife were absolutely amazing during our stay! They arranged transportation for us, called for spa appointments, and took us to see all the nearby sights such as the temples and waterfalls! 

I don’t want to make a pros and cons list, because this place was absolutely incredible and truly enhanced our Bali experience! However, I will leave you with a list of things that you might need to be aware of before you stay:

1. This treehouse is actually a treehouse! It’s outdoors in the middle of the jungle so you will find bugs! Aside from 1 or 2 bug bites though we were fine with our bug spray and bug repellent bracelets! There is a netting around the bed so the bugs won’t get in the sleeping area

2. There is not much around the treehouse so you have an authentic feel, therefore transportation can be difficult. Gede drove us around most of the time but we did need a taxi twice and getting them to our Airbnb was a challenge since the name didn’t come up on GPS. Our suggestion would be to drop a pin for the location when you are connected to the wifi.

3. There is no air conditioning. The treehouse did not get extremely hot ever and with the fan and the shades down we were just fine. However, if air conditioning is a deal breaker for you then this is not the place for you! 

Even if these 3 things might sound unappealing to you, I strongly encourage you to give this home a chance for at least a night or two during your travels! You won’t regret it!

Gede told us that him and the people of his village built this property which consisted of 2 guest treehouses and the kitchen treehouse. It has only been open for a little over a month, but has been doing very well for him and his village. They employee others in the area to keep up the landscape and tend to the rice fields, as well as driving the guest when Gede is unavailable. Out of all my travels so far, the Ayu Treehouse was by far the most unique accommodation in which I have stayed and I feel so fortunate for getting the opportunity to stay here and I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to stay in Bali! 

For the rest of our stay we are increasingly upgrading in luxury! We just arrived at our new Airbnb this morning and will be staying at a beach resort our last day! Stay tuned for my complete Bali post!!


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