24 hours in Japan

Right now I am sitting out on a beanbag chair waiting for the sun to rise in Bali, but before Bali, Marianne and I took a small break in our 22 hours of flying and decided to spend the night in Narita!

Narita is a smaller town about an hour or so outside of Tokyo, but we made the most of it! We stayed at the Radisson which had several accommodations for our short stay! They had such a friendly staff, a complimentary airport shuttle, a shuttle into Tokyo for around $12, a pool, and a breakfast buffet! They also held our luggage for us after we checked out so we could continue exploring! For anyone who has a longer layover but not much time to actually spend in Tokyo, I would definitely recommend this hotel! After we got settled, we headed out to Tokyo and wandered around the gardens and then around the buildings downtown. Whilst walking the streets we came across something you will surely only see in Japan…Go karts with people dressed up as various characters from cartoons and video games! Naturally this has been added to my bucket list! Even though we were exhausted, we knew we wanted to see the city and grab some local grub so we wondered in one of the restaurants in an alleyway full of options and ate some Gyoza dumplings! Delicious for sure! 

Then we went into a few little shops and we were able to find some Japanese candy to bring back and the famous Kit-Kat flavors! We weren’t able to snag some Wasabi ones, but next month it has been added to my list of things to bring home! We saw Hello Kitty and Anime galore, and then headed back to the bus for our hour ride back to the hotel!

The next morning we just hung around the Narita area and checked out a few things there before heading off to the airport for the rest of our adventure, but I wanted to share this layover with you all so my flight attendant friends especially know that a little Tokyo experience can definitely be achieved in a small amount of time! As the moon fades away here in Bali and gives way to the sun, I’ll say my farewell! We have many excursion planned and want to get a head start on the day! Stay tuned for my full post about Bali! 🌴

Also, if this vacation lifestyle seems like something you’d like to do, apply here at delta.greatjob.net to become a flight attendant like me! ✈️


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