Flying Don’ts part 3

I’m back with more “flying don’ts”! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this series, I have posted lists of common flying annoyances that the everyday passenger seems to think is acceptable behavior. As summer flying FINALLY comes to an end, here is my last rant of the season!

1. DO NOT exclude “please and thank you” from your vocabulary when you step through that aircraft door. Flight attendants are fellow humans who are providing you a service and common curtesy still goes a long ways!

2. DO NOT asking me to repeat the 4 snack choices for each person individually. Unless you have a hearing disability, just please listen to the snacks as I say them for the entire row. This will save us a lot of time and I promise you, I will not provide you with any different options than the person sitting right next to you. If anything, asking me to repeat the choices will get you less options. (just kidding, I would neeeeeeever do that 😉)

3. DO NOT ask me what we have. So many announcements get made about our products in service, many times you’ll have screens that advertise all these products, AND you have a magazine PLUS a menu that describes every product in detail. Unless you can’t read, this will drive your flight attendant crazy.

4. DO NOT yell at the flight attendants because YOU are not dressed appropriately. Airplanes are cold. Movie theaters are cold. These are things that you won’t be taught in a classroom but somehow you grow up just knowing. If you get on the plane with  spaghetti straps, shorts, and flip flops, then yes, you will probably be cold. There aren’t enough blankets (if any at all) for every passenger, so just bring a light jacket, or opt for decent clothing attire next time you travel.

5. DO NOT throw a tantrum if we run out of a meal choice! I get that packing your own lunch or bringing your own snacks may seem childish to you, but being a grown man throwing a tantrum in public about having to eat pasta instead of chicken is also pretty childish…that’s just my opinion though. If you are that picky then maybe you need to provide your own food.

6. DO NOT ask for something and then immediately fall asleep. I don’t know why so many people do this but if you ring your call light, ask me for a beverage, and I come back with your beverage in under 5 minutes, don’t make me wake you up to take it! You can’t honestly say that you “forgot” you were DYING OF THIRST in the few minutes that I was away, so you just fell asleep.

7. DO NOT pee in our galleys! From babies to adults, I have seen it all! This is where we keep the food. Galleys are the kitchens on the aircraft. Not a changing table for your baby and not a place to PEE IN A CUP….yes a grown man asked me for a cup to pee in since the restrooms were occupied. This is a private kitchen area meant for employees only, so maybe instead of cutting it off at not peeing in them, why don’t you just stay out of the galley entirely? I’d love for you to try to hang out in the kitchen of the next restaurant you go to and see how that plays out.

8. DO NOT ignore the seatbelt sign. I don’t know how many announcements we can make about this, but if the seatbelt sign is on, it is actually a federal offense to be out of your seat. Yes, this doesn’t get enforced as well as it should, but an airplane is a moving vehicle. Just like when you are in a car, you should be wearing your seatbelt. The unexpected turbulence is a real thing and happens a lot. &no, I don’t care to hear about how you’ve flown 900,000 miles and have been fine without your seatbelt. I fly 3 flights on average a day, so I think I know a little more than you do.

9. DO NOT get mad that headphones aren’t free. For starters, many of you asking for headphones actually have your own, they are just in the overhead bin and you are too lazy to get them out. &secondly, if you don’t travel with your own headphones in this day and age then you are a new level of stupid and deserve to pay $2 for the crappy headphones we have onboard. If you don’t want to pay, then sleep or read a book. I promise you’ll make it through the 1 hour and 40 minute flight without being able to watch 3/4 of a movie

10. DO NOT DEMAND anything from me. Especially when it comes to your connecting flight. I have many people demand that I provide them with something because they are missing their connection and I won’t have it. First of all, you haven’t missed your connection. 90% of the time you are reading your boarding time, not your departure time. So no, you are going to be the first person on the plane, but you also won’t miss your connection and I find no greater satisfaction than being able to point that out to you and making you feel like an idiot. Secondly, there is literally nothing the flight attendants can do for you. We have no power to call ahead or rebook you, so don’t even start with that.
If you have missed my previous “flying don’ts” you can check them out here: Flying Don’ts and Flying Don’ts part 2. PLEASE read these before your next flight! I think I speak on behalf of all the flight attendant out there when I say we would greatly appreciate it!


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