Dreams do come true in New Orleans

Dreams of a perfect layover that is! Even when you wake up 15 minutes before you need to leave, you feel rushed and unprepared, you shake off that stress and still have a great day!

This weekend ended with a little 2 day trip that took me to New Orleans for 20 hours on a beautiful summer Sunday and after having my heart set on some beignets and a quick retreat back to my room for some vacation planning, my plans were rearranged by the promise of gumbo and cocktails with a great crew! I am not sure how things go at other airlines, or other bases for that matter, but in my home base, crew members are known for being “slam-clickers”. Slam-clickers are flight attendants who don’t really go out into the city. They might stroll down to grab a quick bite to eat on their own, but thats it. I will admit that I am guilty of this every now and then, especially in cities I have been to before or when my crew is filled with people that make pulling teeth seem like more fun than having a conversation with them. Anyways, for this trip, that was not the case! My crew consisted of junior flight attendants all around the same age and for the first time in a while, the entire crew, including our pilots decided to go out!

Our day began with literally WALKING TO OUR HOTEL in the 90 degree heat and humidity after our driver accidentally dropped us off at the wrong hotel, but we bonded in anger and had a few laughs about it along the way. After that, we felt like we earned a bloody mary to accompany our gumbo at lunch! We headed to the French Quarter and grabbed a bite to eat at ‘The Gumbo Shop‘ which is famous in the area if you are looking for creole style cuisine, and if you aren’t looking for creole cuisine then you might need to rethink your choices in life! 16fca3c5-f1dc-410b-90ba-1a55e4265daf

After lunch we stole a quick peek into the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, which is that iconic building you see in the cover photo of this blog! We viewed some art work along the streets and listened to some live Jazz music before grabbing another drink to sip on in the summer heat…I mean we did go to church on a Sunday after all and I am pretty sure I heard God say it was okay.230aaa45-9484-4e3d-ab36-4a06ece02b14.jpg

Our group headed to the famous Cafe Du Monde for some beignets around 3, which in my opinion is the best time to go! This place is packed day and night with people coming to snack on this deliciously sugary pastry and if you go earlier in the day there will be a line down the street! Many people stop here first as it is one of the corner stores in the French Market, but if you go later in the day you can walk straight to a table, dirty or clean, and claim it! If you don’t beeline it to that table you will miss out! Our generous pilots paid for some coffees and beignets for the crew and then took us out for a few more drinks as we bar hopped around the city!

Luckily in New Orleans you can drink in the streets, so we were able to grab some drinks to go as we perused the voodoo shops and other local goodies in the area! Since it was a scorcher of a day, we agreed it would be best to head back to freshen up before dinner at SoBou. SoBou is an upscale southern restaurant with INCREDIBLE food located in the ‘W’ but also has street access for those just wanting to dine without being a guest at the hotel. Our Crew member Clayton got us the hookup with a table as he knows the manager and we were spoiled with that southern hospitality! We arrived to a table with mardi gras beads, balloons, and festive fans for each of us and a personal guide through the menu! We were showered with free appetizers and shots and before our main courses! This dinner was truly a dining experience as we sat around for hours filling the air with conversations and laughter between the 6 of us! If you decide to check this place out you have to try the sweet potato beignets and the crispy boudin balls! These are to die for!

We all walked back after dinner as we had early report times, but we went to bed with full bellies and happy hearts ready to tackle our long day approaching in the morning! For 2 days at work, this couldn’t have been any better! Now it’s time to pack my bags and head out again! Prague, I will be seeing you soon!


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