How to Work Less at Work

Sorry lazies, this isn’t actually a post about how to work less, but more so how to make work FEEL less like work while you are there! This month has been insanely busy for me (the busiest month since becoming a flight attendant actually) and I have flown over 140 hours! All of my flight attendant friends know that is a crazy amount of hours, and for you non-airline peeps, that is only the amount of time I have been in the air! It doesn’t even include the time away that I am in the airports or on my layovers which probably is around the same number of hours! Anyways, with only 5 days off this month, here is how I have stayed sane!

First of all, it is so important to have fun trips! If I am going to be working almost every day I need to be able to treat my layovers as if they are days off! I look for long layovers and trips with layovers that allow me to see my friends and family! Last weekend I had a long layover in Phoenix and was able to work with some of my airline friends for 3 days as well as hang out with some other friends and my family back home for 24 hours while I was getting paid!0a877f4b-d52e-48e0-8ad8-ec45979f7499

This week I worked another trip with a good friend of mine and also had two long layovers! The first layover was in Kalispell and even though we didn’t have enough time to visit Glacier National Park, we did have a chance to rent bikes, see the town, eat some ice cream, and grab a few drinks with our pilots at the end of the day! Luckily for crew members bikes are free, and thanks to our generous pilots who paid for our drinks, this perfect day only cost us an ice cream cone!

The following day we had a layover in Salt Lake City, where my boyfriend lives, so I was able to spend some time with him and his family to enjoy a night of board games and burgers! Really nothing beats getting in some hours at work whilst being able to utilize my layovers for nights like this!

The second thing that I do to keep work from feeling to tedious, is that I pick up trips to my favorite places or places I have been wanting to check out! This always gives me something to look forward to even if I can’t see friends or family! In my eyes I think “All I have to do is work a few flights to have a paid mini vacation? Easy enough!” This week I have a trip to New Orleans which is one of my favorite layovers to date, and after that I get to fly to Prague which will be a new city for me! I can’t wait to check out this layover as I hear Prague has been many of my friends favorite destinations! img_2798

And last but not least, what keeps me going is the light at the end of the tunnel!!! After an exciting but hectic August, my September schedule is pretty open! I have off 2 weeks to go on vacation with a few of my flight attendant friends and I am able to attend a wedding for a very special couple! One of the best parts about this job is getting to be able to work a little more when you can so that you can be off longer when you need it! For me, I normally fly way more than I actually need to for about 3 months and then the following 3 months I tend to fly low hours and vacation as much as possible! It keeps me from getting burnt out and it changes up my routine so that I am never bored!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

If after reading this post you think that this lifestyle is for you, stay tuned because I hear rumors of a certain airline opening up their application VERY soon!


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