Costa Rica

Sunshine, adventure, and drinks served in coconuts! What could be better than that?!costa rica 1

My Costa Rica vacation was my first “real” vacation as a flight attendant and I went with a group of 7 others who had started around the same time as I had. We had such a blast and I am so thankful for the memories and friendships that I made on that trip! Even though it has been almost 2 years and everyone is in different spots of the country now, I still stay in touch with a few of them and we like to get together when we can!

costa rica 13

Looking back on old photos I thought this would make a perfect blog post for my flight attendant friends who are planning an easy international vacation, or for anyone else who needs a little getaway from the real world!

For starters, we made a Facebook group to post and communicate with each other while planning our trip. I have found that this is such a vital step for group vacations and have had many other vacation group since this trip! We invited a larger group of people

costa rica 15

knowing that not everyone could make it, and when all was said and done we had about7 of us who went. I know you are probably wondering what “about 7 people” looks like, but due to schedules, our timelines didn’t all line up so the 7 of us were only there together for about 2 days and then we went down to 4 and then just 3 of us were left together for the rest of the week.

We were all Minneapolis based at the time and we took a direct flight from there to Liberia, Costa Rica where we rented a car and drove to Tamarindo. Here is where we came across our first bump in the road during our trip. Once we got there we realized that the car company would not rent us a car due to being under 25, despite claiming they would on their website. Luckily we had one person in our group who was old enough, but keep this in mind if you are deciding to go!

Our drive took us about an hour and a half from the airport to our hostel where we rented private rooms at the Pura Vida Mini Hostel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We had such a great time at this hostel and I am so happy we found it! It was super affordable and with our group and the private rooms we only had to share a bathroom with each other! The biggest bonus with this hostel was having air conditioning! Since Costa Rica is hot and humid, air conditioning was a wonderful amenity to have after being outside all day long!

costa rica 4

Our first day there we just hung around the beach and grabbed some dinner and drinks before beginning our action packed day early the next morning! We booked a tour with Native’s Way that was INCREDIBLE! This was by far one of the best tour packages I have ever done while on vacation! For a group of 6 we paid $126 each and here is what it included:

  • Transportation to and from our hostel
  • Zip Lining
  • Rock Climbing
  • River Tubing
  • Horseback riding
  • Hot Springs
  • Mud Bath
  • Free Lunch

We also purchased a photo dvd at the end which I believe was pretty inexpensive. A few dollars a piece after we split it! I highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to fit in a ton of activities in a short amount of time! All of these things only took us a day but it was about a 12 hour day of jam-packed fun!

Most of our other days we just spent at the beach, but one of our last days we did make our way to a beautiful waterfall with another hostel goer who is now one of my good friends here in Minnesota! This was pre-GoPro days though and I didn’t have a way to capture photos while I was there. We truly lived in the moment though and saw baby monkeys swinging in the trees above us while we swam below a towering wall of brisk running water! costa rica 2

Costa Rica was such a relaxing destination and as my first international trip with this job it holds a lot of memories for me! Like I mentioned before, I met a random guy in our hostel who ended up becoming a great friend of mine and we ended up going to China and Thailand a few months later! A post on that will be underway shortly, stay tuned! Until then, let me know if you have any other questions about our trip! I’d love to help anyone out who is thinking about going!


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