You May Be a Flight Attendant If…

1.  You say have a good weekend to everyone before realizing it’s only Tuesday.

You mean everyone else still has to work this week?

2. You have ate your lunch before 9 am because you have been awake since 3 am.

Like seriously?!?!?! you are always thinking, “How have I already been up for 6 hours?”

3. You constantly go places and realize that you left something in your “flight attendant bag”

Whenever you go grocery shopping there is a 50/50 chance that your wallet is still in your work bag.

4. You have come home from work and literally can’t leave your apartment because you need a break from people.

After dealing with 1,000s of people per work trip, sometimes you just need a break. Don’t even feel guilty for that Netflix binge girl!

5. You wake up and do not know what city you are in.

But really, does it even matter sometimes? Half the time you are only there to sleep anyways.

6. You find random boarding passes all over the place.

Any time you reach into your bag or your pockets you seem to find another boarding pass to somewhere.

7. You talk to people in city codes.

You forget that not everyone understands that SNA means Santa Ana.

8. You suddenly have all these “friends” messaging you asking how to get free flights.

Oh, you remember me? I sat behind you in middle school and never said a word to you before now, but can you get me a free flight?

9. You take a vacation literally every month.

You have never had so much time off before and you take full advantage of your flight benefits now!

10. You feel like your job is to open restroom doors

All day, every day.

11. You spend more time in airports than you do in your own home.

Maybe you will spend a total of 5 nights at home a month between work and vacation, but you better believe that you will be in an airport almost every other day.

12. You are secretly satisfied when you are cleared to sit in Delta One (international first class) and you know everyone else is trying to figure out how you afforded your seat.

In reality you know that you are broke and boujee.

13. You use the phrase “senior mama” in your daily vocabulary.

You are also constantly wishing you didn’t use this phrase.

14. You conveniently forgot that part in your interview where you said you didn’t mind working nights or weekends.

*Insert Mean Girls meme* I can’t *cough cough* I’m sick.

15. You spend 95% of your day smiling and internally thinking to yourself, “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

You can’t help stupid, you just learn to deal with it.

16. You are the only person you know who doesn’t look forward to summer.

Brace yourselves, the season of unaccompanied minors is coming.

17. You have a picture in an airplane engine somewhere on social media.

Don’t deny it.

18. You have actually forgot what it is like to go through normal airport security.

What do you mean there is a limit on liquids?!

19. Your suitcase feels like a permanent extension of your arm.

You never seem to leave the house without it and feel like you are forgetting something when you do.

20. You know someone who feels the need to brag about flying to Cancun even when you know they have to continue to Omaha for their layover.

Obviously you never call them out for this, but you can’t help but be annoyed by it.


If any of these apply to you, then you may be a flight attendant! Or, if you aren’t a flight attendant but have these 20 things in common with them, you might want to consider applying! Good luck out there flyers!


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