Go with Joy 🌴

Or as the Hawaiians say it, “hele me ka hau’oli”

Months ago Jensen and I went on our first date while I was on a layover in Salt Lake City and now, fast forward to months later, Jensen and I are enjoying dates all over the world! This weekend brought us to our second island together (the first island was last weekend at Bainbridge Island) and we got to enjoy the beautiful Waikiki Beach and much, much more!After getting 10 days off in a row this July, I had to decide if I wanted to go on a vacation or pick up a work trip, and my workaholic-self decided, “why not do both?” I picked up a 29 hour Honolulu layover that allowed Jensen to tag a long and catch some rays! Luckily for him, he got out to Hawaii a day early via first class (Delta one) and spent the day with his pal Tanner! The boys enjoyed a day of hiking, beaching, and shaved ice eating before I got there! 

The next day I arrived around 3pm in Downtown Honolulu and Jensen and I spent the day at the beach and the international market place! The Waikiki beach is incredible, however it is incredibly touristy! The area is filled with expensive clothing stores, chain restaurants, and people as far as the eye can see! Even though that’s the case, we still enjoyed the sand and the sun and were able to spend hours down there and witness the rainbow colors of the sunset!

After we mended our feet and ankles from a crash encounter with the waves and rocks, we headed to the international market place and saw some hula dancing and learned a little history of the land before heading to dinner! For dinner we stumbled upon a place called The Street! The Street was such a cool concept, however the staff was a nightmare! These full grown adults were fighting and threatening to quit in front of the crowds of customers and I think the environment is a little overwhelming if you are trying to enjoy a relaxing night in Hawaii, you might want to reconsider before stopping here. 

The food however was delicious and they had a “VIP PASS” that allowed you to try 7 different items from all the different vendors in “The Street”. Like I said, it was a cool concept and I would be willing to try it again and have a little different experience, hoping that it was just an off night!

The next morning we woke up and enjoyed an Acai Berry Bowl for breakfast with our coffee before hitting up our buddy Tanner! We took an Uber to the other side of the island while our eyes were glued to the windows overlooking the scenery while we drove! When we got to our friends place we decided to go on a little adventure and came across the unofficial Jurassic park tour! Maybe we weren’t “officially” allowed to be there, but the gates were open and there were no signs 🤷🏼‍♀️We discovered the most amazing views and received the feels of everything I imagine Hawaii to be! 

As our day neared its end, we grabbed some lunch at Kualoa Ranch where our friend told us the best meat on the Island is found and it did not disappoint! Plus the views were amazing!

After lunch we headed back for nap time before I worked the redeye out and headed back to SLC! Unfortunately for Jensen, he wasn’t so lucky and ended up getting stuck in Hawaii for another night before a flight opened up…maybe he was the lucky one after all?

As always, I am incredibly thankful for my job that allows me to enjoy days like this while getting paid! Looking forward to another Hawaii layover soon, but for now, I’m going to prep for my adventurous on-call days! Stay tuned for where work sends me next!
If you like this photos headover to Jensen sharp.com to see more!


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