Mini Girl-cation!

Nothing screams girl power like a girls “weekend” getaway! Luckily, since becoming a flight attendant, this girl who never had many “girl friends”, now has a few females that she can always count on! The past couple of days brought me down to Orlando, Florida to visit one of my favorite Southwest flight attendants Erica, who I actually met on Instagram last year!


Erica messaged me asking if I wanted to go on a trip sometime since we both seemed pretty adventurous, and after deciding she wasn’t really a man who was trying to kidnap me, we ended up heading to the Galapagos Islands! You can check out our crazy little South American Adventure in my blog postĀ A Bucket List Vacation.Ā Ā Since that trip, Erica has become one of my most reliable, travel-loving friends who is always up for a girls trip! This week we decided to embark on one of our favorite places, Universal Studios!img_6485

Erica and I are both Potter Heads and after learning that she had a season pass for Universal Studios, I knew I had to get out there! We invited a few other friends, but things never seem to work out with larger groups. However, that didn’t stop these two Gryffindors from spending the day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

As an amusement park lover, nothing is better than going to a park with someone else who hits the ground running and has a plan of action to avoid the wait times! We are both ride lovers and didn’t let the fact that it is the middle of summer turn us away! Going to an amusement park during peak season can be intimidating, but we had a few helping factors that allowed us to go on numerous rides without waiting more than 30 minutes in line!img_6532

One of the biggest tips for achieving this is simply getting to the park right when it opens. The later you go, the more crowded it is going to be. So as soon as you get in, try to do the most popular rides as they will have the longest wait times throughout your visit. Another trick I can share with you is utilizing the single riders line! For the Escape from Gringotts ride, the wait time was projected to be 75 minutes and so we hopped into the single riders line! After waiting only about 25 minutes, we ended up in the same car anyways on the ride! More often than not, this will be your luck with this line! We did this about 4 times for other rides as well and always ended up going on the ride at the same time! The last thing that helped us beat the summer crowds was the weather! Like any other typical Florida day, it rained for a while during the afternoon. When everyone else was taking cover, Erica and I pulled out our Dollar Store ponchos and enjoyed the emptying park!18fffc91-55a2-46dd-abe8-6f7873dec0be

After 10 hours of jam-packed park action, we decided to head home and finish out our girls day with face masks, Thai food, and our 3rd girl member in the girl gang, Blake Lively. Blake may have been stuck on the TV screen, but try watching the Shallows and telling me that Blake Lively isn’t the epitome of girl power!

Another great mini adventure down in the books and I can’t help but feel thankful for J.K. Rowling, Erica Plowman, and all the other girls in the world who give us a good name! Girl Power all the way!!


P.S. You can follow all of Erica’s adventure at Ā


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