Bring Your Boyfriend to Work Day: SEA

Some layovers feel like work, others feel like a mini vacation! This weekend Jensen was able to come out and join me in Seattle for my layover on the company’s dime! We were able to explore Pikes Place Public Market, The Waterfront, and Bainbridge Island with the gorgeous weather we had and it couldn’t have been any better!

We started our morning with me being in Raleigh, N.C. And him in Salt Lake City, Utah and luckily for us he made his standby flight and got into the SEA airport just before us! Naturally he was waiting at our gate with a Starbucks in hand, because when in Seattle right? 😉 Then we got to the hotel, changed quickly and headed straight out!

Fortunately for us, we stay right downtown by the market and it was just a short little walk! We grabbed a light breakfast at one of my alltime favorite spots The Crumpet Shop where he had a smoked salmon cream cheese and cucumber crumpet and I had a pesto, tomato, and cheese crumpet, and for breakfast dessert we had a walnut honey crumpet to share! 

Then we walked among the rows of flowers, flying fish, and crowds of people in Pikes place before heading down to the waterfront for a little ferris wheel action! 

There is so much to do on the pier but with only 24hours we moved on after the wheel and grabbed some clam chowder with fish and chips from the famous Ivars! I would highly recommend this seafood shack! Not only is it affordable, but it is certainly delicious as well! I can see why it is so popular! However, little side note for you, if your boyfriend is feeding the seagulls your fries, tell him it’s not allowed to feed them, even though it apparently totally is.

After lunch we took the $8 ferry to Bainsbridge Island to walk around the shops and get away from the tourists crowd! This is such a quaint little island and I am so happy we took the time to see it! The only thing I wish we would have done differently would be getting there earlier to spend some time in a museum or rent a bike! But with a limited schedule we still enjoyed our time browsing the boutiques! 

Then comes the reason for our strict schedule to leave the island and head back to Seattle, the main event in which all my Seattle layovers revolve around, BEECHERS MAC AND CHEESE! I told Jensen that my favorite place closed at 6 and we had to get back before that! So we left around 4 and took the 30minute Ferry, snagged a couple pictures at the gum wall along the way and then grabbed the World’s Best Mac n Cheese (not only declared by myself, because that is actually the name) and then shared a warm turkey sandwich before heading back to the hotel! 

This weekend was another perfect example of my “Life On A Layover” lifestyle and I am so happy that I was able to share it with my favorite person! Next weekend these J’s will be heading out to HNL if the non-rev gods are good to us! Couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a day at work!
PS all photos are courtesy of my amazing boyfriend, however I edited this bunch because I am too impatient so that’s why they aren’t as good as his usual stuff! You can check out his site to see all of his work!


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