A Day in the Life: Amsterdam Edition

After touring the Anne Frank House, checking out the Van Gough Museum, and spending a day cruising down the canals, here is how I continue to spend my layovers in the city I am in ever so often!

Not every layover needs to be super extravagant to be worth your while! When most of your “days off” are spent in other cities, here is how you can have a relaxing day hanging out with your friends while you are on the clock!

For the majority of my international layovers, I have plans to go out and explore a new area of the city, so I force myself to stay awake and fight the jetlag. Once I have been to a city enough times though, it is nice to play things a little more by ear and just go with the flow. For this layover, I found out that one of my flight attendant friends was coming in for a layover a few hours after me. Since she wasn’t going to be there for a few hours, I had time to take a little nap before we hit the city!

Since it was her first time in The Netherlands I definitely had to familiarize her with her surroundings so the next time she can hit the ground running and explore on her own! Because she got in a little later, we just strolled through the neighborhoods, hopped on the ferry, and walked around the city center of Amsterdam!

One of my other crew members showed us around a few of his favorite places starting with the Wynand Fockink shot bar which is one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam! This tiny little bar fills their glasses to the rim with whichever liquor you desire and the tradition is to sip the glass with your hands behind your back before transitioning outside and enjoying the quaint alley with a group of friends and many other tourist. f0260769-5d75-4ca5-88ee-e63821d8937179d603ab-74d3-49d8-a9f3-698c2209d889

After our shots, we wandered through the city overlooking the canals, beautiful flowers, boats, and bikes that make up the city!img_60521068e178-093f-45fe-817c-6481e195683728a5bd84-164a-4d43-a745-253288ef72a465d3fddd-ef3e-47ed-95c6-5a7f5d325ee9

We decided to grab some ribs for dinner at this restaurant with the cutest little outdoor patio and then grabbed desserts at a little waffle and churro shop outside of the Queens Head Pub. The Queens Head Pub is a gay bar in Amsterdam but houses the best view of the canals that you will find in the city! In the bottom level of the bar, you will find a smoke room that puts you right on the water! There is literally nothing between you and the canal in the open walled room. Next time you are in the city I recommend checking this place out even if just for a beer!63753a38-0868-4e8e-b395-584204f0c03103d11abf-63c8-43e3-b170-92bcf4a6b342img_6047

Calling it an early night, we headed back to the hotel around 8pm and rested up so we could wake up and refuel with the best hotel breakfast before our pick up time to work back to the states! Another successful layover in the books with some great friends! There is no better way to spend a day at “work”. Looking forward to more amazing layovers this month! Stay tuned for my adventures in Seattle and Honolulu when its going to be “take your boyfriend to work day”!



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