July Schedule✈️

Ever wonder what exactly a flight attendants schedule is like?! No we don’t always have the same routes, and no we aren’t on-call all the time! We have a lot more flexibility than you would think and I hope to start sharing more of these post to get you excited about this career possibly being the next move for you!

Next month I didn’t get the schedule of my dreams at work, but I switched some things around and made it work for me! In this industry, everything goes by seniority and I don’t have much of that right now! While it is growing, I learn how to manipulate my schedule to get the trips that I want and the days off that I need! Here is how my month has panned out so far:

July 1-5: On-Call (typically we get 6 days on-call a month, but sometimes I swap into more to help my schedule)

July 6&7: OFF!

July 8: Quick trip to San Diego and Back

July 9-12: Omaha, Charolette, and then Salt Lake City to see my boyfriend 😘

July 13: OFF!

July 14-16: Phoenix (Which is home) and Cleveland

July 17-25: OFF! So far I have a girls trip planned to Universal Studios and then fingers crossed to Hawaii with my boyfriend for a long weekend!

July 26-31: On-Call!

The benefit to swapping into on-call shifts is not only to get certain days off, but also to increase your odds of getting a better layover! Sometimes, I am not in love with the layovers that are assigned to me, but I know when I am on-call I have a better chance of going somewhere fun like an international destination or a last minute ‘made up’ trip that allows me to get paid for a lot more work than I am actually doing!

If you could get used to a schedule like this, stay tuned and I will be posting when the Delta Flight Attendant application opens! Rumor has it that it will be opening up soon!


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