Flying Don’ts Part 2

I started this series on another post last year and thought that by now, I would have a couple list going for you! Maybe I have just really been enjoying the job lately, or maybe I just haven’t been feeling too cynical, but whatever the reason, I have it here for you now. As we start flying into the summer months things usually get pretty crazy. We have a lot of people traveling who don’t do it too often, so here are a few tips to make your trip go smoothly and not have your flight attendants hate you.


  1. DO NOT ask for a full can of soda or juice. Better yet, don’t ask for multiple full cans. I had a passenger recently ask for a can of sparkling water, a can of cranberry juice, and a can of coke…all for her! Not only is this not a convenience store, but we have a whole cabin to serve on very limited supplies and you are selfishly asking for half our cart. Just don’t do it.
  2. DO NOT tell the flight attendants that we “missed you” while we were doing the beverage service. More often than not, you were asleep when we came by or you completely ignored us while we were asking and serving EVERYONE else around you, and after 3 tries to get your attention, we are just going to move on. So no sir, we did not miss you. You missed us.
  3. DO NOT leave your trash on the ground. Flight attendants walk through the cabin multiple times and offer to pick up your trash. Is it really so hard to hand us your trash instead of making your tiny little space into an ‘Oscar the Grouch’ scene from Sesame Street?!
  4. DO NOT yell at us for stuff spilling out of YOUR bags. I think people forget sometimes that airplanes are really just public transportation. You don’t get on the city bus and expect someone else to be responsible for your belongings right? If you bring it, you take care of it. This rule does not only apply to baggage, but also babies as well…shocker!
  5. DO NOT try telling flight attendants that there are seat belts on the ground. Really, if it was up to me, I would not care if you wore your seatbelt or not. Unfortunately, my job is to ensure your safety, so I need to have you wear your seat belt. Lately, I have had this new wave of stupid passengers where they want to sleep on the floor. Let me tell you a little secret…I have had passengers pee on those floors and they never get fully cleaned! So when I come by and ask you to wear your seat belt before LANDING, do not tell me that, “It is on.” No ma’am, I know we do not have seat belts on the floor, so I need you in your seat.
  6. DO NOT snap at your flight attendants. I am not saying to not be snippy with us, I am saying do not physically snap at us instead of using your words like a real adult. If you need our attention, just ask and we will be glad to help you…or at least pretend we are glad to.
  7. DO NOT yell at flight attendants for lost luggage. For starters, your luggage is probably not even lost, you probably just checked it to your final destination and tried to pick it up in your connecting city. Also, understand that there are many, many departments who make your travel possible and flight attendants are not the people who handle the luggage…even carry ons *cough cough*
  8. DO NOT put your coats in the first class closet if you are in the main cabin. There are a few times when a passenger asks nicely if we can hang their coat for them even though they are in the back that I actually do not mind this, but other times people don’t even ask and they just throw their coats in there. At the end of the flight, guess what! That coat that you hung up on a hanger saying 1B, is going to 1B and they will walk off the plane with a free coat since you are rude and think this is your own private plane. If you are not in first class, check your first class attitude with your oversized luggage before getting on the plane.
  9. DO NOT make up insane allergies. I am fully accommodating when it comes to peanut allergies on board, or other serious allergies, but when you come onboard saying you have an airborne allergy to “artificial sweeteners”  and we can’t serve diet beverages, I CAN’T! This is not a thing. You would literally never be able to leave your house. The other day I also had a passenger tell me that they were allergic to “airplane fumes” and that I needed to add to their notes that they needed to board first and that the airplane was not to be turned on until they were seated…what?!
  10. DO NOT come up with impossible request. I kid you not, this person came on the plane and asked if I could not pressurize the cabin because their ears hurt. Ummmm do you know how airplanes work? No ma’am, the cabin is always going to be pressurized if you want to arrive at your destination alive and breathing. Her response back, “Oh, well they just told me to ask”…who told you..never mind…I do not care, just take your seat.

If you need more tips check out part 1 here Flying DONTS ✖️✖️


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