Maximize your life on a layover at Moab

When you are living out of hotel rooms and wandering around different cities everyday, it is important to know how to make the most of your layovers as a flight attendant. Luckily for me, my work schedule seems to line up pretty nicely with my social calendar! If I could spend every day adventuring with my best friend I would, however, I have found I need to work every now and then. Planning out my schedule to have 30+ hours in Salt Lake City gives me the best of both worlds!

On my most recent layover, my boyfriend and I decided to venture down to Moab for the night and it was absolutely incredible! The vibrant colors that paint that town are out of this world. Just driving around will make you feel like you are roaming around Mars and your eyes will linger in every direction. img_5135

The 4 hour drive from Salt Lake City was absolutely worth it! Even though I wasn’t the one driving, I still feel justified in making that call. We grabbed a hotel room for the night, checked in, and headed straight out to watch the sunset. We didn’t end up in the spot we were looking for, but we were not met with disappointment. Instead, we were met by a few families hiking with their kids and a couple of twenty-somethings who were camping and lead us to the direction in which we ended or night.

We headed down right before the sun set completely on us and grabbed some food before heading in and calling it a night. With alarms set for 5am, we quickly dozed off and were awoken with what felt like only moments later, and got dressed, packed our stuff, and were out again! We grabbed a quick bite at Moab Diner which was DELISH! Then headed straight to Arches National Park to see the main Arch. The park was extra crowded giving the time of year, now that school has let out, but that did not take away from any of the beauty! We snapped a few pictures with the help of a tripod and our new french tourist friends and then set out to explore the surrounding area that was much less populated!

In a bit of a time crunch, it was time to head back up to Salt Lake where I could shower and nap before working the redeye out. I snoozed a little (okay, a lot) in the car and was woken up by non-other than the wonderful In-N-Out burger! I was dropped off right after lunch and we said our goodbyes, then it was back to reality.

Was I extremely tired? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

Some layovers might not seem long enough, and sometimes you do just need to stay in and play catch up with your dreams, but always remember to make the choices to create memories. Every layover is long enough for that!


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