How To: Have a New Orleans Date in Salt Lake City 💃🏼

Beignets! Beignets! Beignets!

That is all.

Okay, but for real! I started hanging out with this guy in Salt Lake City and have had a couple layovers where we simply have the best time! These have hands down become my favorite layovers and as soon as I leave, I look forward to my next one!

While I was out there, I remembered this guy saying that he loved New Orleans food and it just so happened I had a trip with a New Orleans layover AND a Salt Lake City layover! What could be better?! So I started researching 🤓 How was I going to bring New Orleans to him?!

Step One: The Research.

I started clicking my way through Pinterest boards to find out what staple food items would make my picnic basket! Obviously, there are a few things that come to mind, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Crawfish, Beignets etc. however, I knew not everything would hold up. After some deliberation, here are the items I decided to bring:

  1. Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Jambalaya from the Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter.

  2. Gumbo from the Gumbo Shop.

  3. Half of a muffuletta from Central Grocery! Believe me, half is more than enough!

  4. Crystal Hot Sauce…yes this needs its own line

  5. Fresh pralines (pronounced praw-lines, not pray-lines…speaking from experience🙄) from a little bakery in the French Quarter.

So after I planned out my list, I needed to decide how I was going to transport the food without sacrificing the flavor!

Step Two: The Packing

I already own a travel pro lunchbag that I’m obsessed with, so I just needed some extra gear to go inside of it! I have some flexible ice packs to keep the food cold on my flights, but after, I needed to reheat the food and keep it hot for dinner. So I found these Hydro Flask Food Thermoses at Rei and used my membership dividend to purchase them! They are a cute purple and I know they are going to come in handy on several occasions! While on the plane, I threw the Gumbo and Jambalaya in our ovens and then transferred them into the thermoses, keeping the rest of the stuff on ice! The food all kept and tasted wonderful that night in Utah!

Step 3: Find A Boy To Feed

After a little hiccup with delayed flights, I finally got into Salt Lake City around midnight and to my surprise, we still went out and had a nice evening/early morning haha and when I showed him the food I brought he was ecstatic! A little effort goes a long way and I was hoping that it was true what they say, and food really is the way to a mans heart 😉

I had once again, another successful Salt Lake City layover and loved having this cute little date planned out! Has anyone else on here pulled off out of the ordinary dates?! I always love hearing new ideas for date inspiration!


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