Radiate Positivity✨

From a young age we are brought into a world of a competitive nature. We are always striving to be the best, the most, or the first at whatever we are doing! Unfortunately, this tends to bring jealousy and resentment towards others who are “upstaging/outdoing” you. The world of social media has been feeding into this negativity more than ever before, but I want to share with you why it doesn’t need to be that way and how to start encouraging one another and fueling others success instead of focusing on your own!

  • Become Inspired The travel photos, fashion photos, home decor, all of it, was more than likely posted to inspire followers like you! Not to show you how much better than are doing than you! The tools provided to utilize social media allows bloggers and photographers to share their passion with likeminded people and showcase the works they have dedicated so much time into!
  • Become Unique- Please don’t just copy another person’s creativity. It is okay to gain a spark to do similar things, but do not just mimick someone else’s art. There are plenty of outlets in the world to express yourself so become a trendsetter! If you like something do it! Don’t avoid it because it’s not the “hot” thing right now. The more personal you get with your pieces the more respect you will receive! People are searching for ‘new’, not the same cookie-cutter figure everyone else is already doing! Make your blog/page/life authentic in every way possible!
  • Become Encouraging- There are no limits on compliments in this world! Be happy! When someone shares their appreciation of whatever it is that you are doing, it feels good right?! Why would you not want to spread that to others! Being happy for someone else does not take any happiness away from you! Happiness is a true infity! Share the love! Give a like, add a comment, take a few moments of your time to let someone else know that you think they are totally killing it when it comes to life!

Be a light and radiate that positive energy wherever you go! I am a firm believer in karma and when I am upbeat and bright towards others, I tend to encounter even more awesomeness from those I cross paths with! So get out there today and spread the love! Females especially tend to compete with others instead of coming together and just being this powerful unified force! Let’s show the world that we have got each other’s backs instead of always just looking out for numero uno!

Here are a few pages to inspire the girl tribe:

Girls Love Travel Facebook
Travel Girls Instagram
We Are Travel Girls Instagram
Flight Club Adventures Instagram


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