Flying DONTS ✖️✖️

As you all know, I love my job! It is fairly easy even with the long hours, time changes, being away from home, and dealing with the public. However, I have been trying to get in more hours than usual and lately I have been making a mental note of the irritating things that passengers seem to do consistently. I would like to share them here in hopes to spread awareness of stupidity. Together, you and I can make a difference in traveling common sense!
1. DO NOT ask the flight attendants to rearrange your seats so that you and your boyfriend, who booked low fare middle seats, can sit together for the two hour flight where you will probably be sleeping anyways.
2. DO NOT crowd the boarding area before your boarding zone has been called. For my airline, we have assigned seats. Nobody is taking your seat, you will get on, and you don’t need to push and shove. We all have stood in lines our whole lives in preparation for this moment. Show me what you’ve learned from elementary school cafeteria lines!
3. DO NOT sit in the gate house for an hour and a half before the flight and then wait to go to the bathroom until boarding. You had plenty of time before the flight and now want to halt the boarding process while you swim upstream because you couldn’t go beforehand or wait another thirty minutes until we got in the air.
4.DO NOT get mad at the flight attendants for having their carts in the aisle! If you want anything from us then you need to deal with the cart being in the aisle for the twenty-five minutes of service. We know it’s crowded, but you have to get over it.
5. DO NOT grab things off of my cart as I am doing the service.
6.DO NOT expect freebies. Especially if you go about it rudely. You do not deserve anything for free from us. I don’t go to a coffee shop and tell the barista about my horrible day and then expect a free coffee, so don’t try that on the airplane.
7.DO NOT make a joke during boarding about sitting in first class or wanting champagne. Just don’t do it. It’s not funny and that is curtesy laughing to hide our internal eye-roll.
8.DO NOT pull the freaking ashtray to get into the bathroom! Like what is this?! Some of the lavatory doors say push. Push in the center. Some say pull. Pull the ACTUAL HANDLE!!! Not the ashtray like an idiot.
9. DO NOT ask to get off of the plane first because you have a connection. Most of the time If you have a close connection, so does everyone else. If you are the only person with a close connection and we are not delayed, that is your fault for booking your flights through some cheap website and getting your “discount” for a flight at the risk of not making your flight. That’s the price you pay.
10. DO NOT poke me, tug me, or hit me. If you need my attention use your words. You are an adult and this should be obvious.
This list could go on and on forever, but change will not happen overnight, so let’s try to focus on these 10 items for now. I will be posting more don’ts for passengers to work on in the future. Until then, stay classy travelers💋


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