Fellow Earthlings🖖🏼

In honor of Earth Day, I want to share with you more than just a pretty picture taken from the places I have visited. I want to share with you an opportunity to give back to this Earth and it inhabitants!

Recently, I realized how often I utilize my time with mindless hobbies and thought about what better ways I could spend my days off, opposed to sitting in my room watching Netflix. I began volunteering at a food bank in Minnesota called Second Harvest and it has impacted my life so much more than I have been able to give back to it. You might think that you can’t make a difference, but on average, the 2.5 hours I spend here, provides 60-75 meals for a family. Volunteering is simple, just visit Second Harvest to donate or sign up for a shift!

I also started looking at the companies that I invest my money in. There are so many corporations today who have the ability to give back and fall short. So with a little research, I have begun to give my money to companies who make a difference. Sand Cloud is the latest company that I have stumbled upon and their foundation is based on giving a share of their proceeds back to #SaveTheFishies ! With every purchase you will be making a contribution to help save marine life and every little bit makes a huge difference! I am now a Sand Cloud ambassador and want to encourage you all to check out this company! You can use my code: JaylinPr25 to save 25% off your order and take the first step towards saving the fishies🐠

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth”-Muhammad Ali


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