Stitch Fix

Anyone looking to transition their closet from cheap to chic?
Any busybodies who never find the time to shop?
Anyone tired of searching and searching for the perfect pieces around several stores?

Well Stitch Fix is here to solve all your problems! Stitch fix is an online company with personal shops who create custom boxes just for you! There is no monthly commitment or sign up fee! Just sign up, take a brief survey, and let the stylist know what you are looking for! Each box comes with a box of 5 pieces chosen based on what you are in need of at the time! You can link your social media accounts to your profile so that your stylist can get a better feel for your current style and your dream style!

For myself, I am always traveling and never find time to shop while I am out exploring new cities! Even if I did, I never seem to have room in my suitcase for extra items to bring home, so I needed to find a way to get what I wanted without taking time out of my busy schedule! For this box, I needed some cute comfy clothes that I could layer and pack since I am always on the road! I am currently transitioning my closet from my teeny bopper Forever 21 clothes, to fewer options of higher quality staple piece items! I have found that investing a little more gives me the quality and true fit for clothing that is going to be more flattering to my body and that makes a HUGE difference!

In this box I received:

Just Black branded jeans with have a unique little scissor cut hem and fit to perfection! These are definitely going to be my new travel jeans! So cute and comfy!
Bay To Baubles triangle pendant which can glam up my simple travel pieces since I usually pack basic items that can easily be mixed to make new outfits
RD Style Sweater that has side slits. The fit of this sweater is so slimming and comfortable that I can easily see myself walking around different cities for hours in while still being fashionable
•Market and Spruce Tee that is so simple which means I can pair it with many different options! Easily through on a scarf or a pop of color with shoes and I am good to go!
Coffee Shop Jacket with a removable fur hood. This jacket is incredibly warm and since army green is so in right now, you will be modeling wherever you go!

Looking forward to my next box already! In my summer box I hope to get some cute and light feminine pieces with fun patterns! If you can’t wait to try out your own Stitch Fix, use this referral code and get started:

Happy shopping travelers!❤️


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