Keeping it FRESH

Flight attendants spend most of their time in a pressurized cabin full of dry and dehydrating air. On top of drinking water on water on water, we also need to pay extra attention when it comes to our skincare routine. I stay hydrated with water, Chapstick and mineral facial mist while on the plane, but when I am grounded I love me some LUSH cosmetic products👅

I haven’t found any product thus far that I dislike, but I do have some staples that I always need to have on hand! Obviously the most popular products of their line are the face masks and bath bombs which I can’t live without, but I have recently discovered their Full of Grace face bar which has done wonders for my skin! Not only has it evened out my skin tone, but it also locks in extra moisture to keep my skin from feeling dry while on the plane and in different climates. Another new find was the lip scrubs! I love, love, love the bubblegum lip scrub because even though I never leave the house without my Chapstick, my lips still get dried out and the scrubs keep them feeling lusciously smooth and red-lip-ready for work 💋

So for all my travelers out there, or even just skincare junkies in general, go show my favorite store some love and keep it fresh!


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