Sneak Peek Into Disneyland Shanghai

The newest Disney park has landed itself in Mainland China and is a MUST for any disney lovers! A couple of months before the park opened, I found myself sitting on the plane next to a man who worked on the design team for the new park! I quickly became infatuated by the park and it’s grand opening and knew I had to make another trip out to Shanghai!

I decided to stay at the Toy Store hotel, one of the two Disney hotels on the property, and was not disappointed! This hotel will transport you right into the movie! You walk into a toy box to get into the lobby of the Pixar cloud covered building! When you get to your room, you are greeted with more clouds and rubiks cube end tables!

The TV in the room is preloaded with Disney movies to watch, so if you don’t speak Mandarin, but want to watch a little TV before bed, they have you covered! The hotel also features the cutest little SunnySide Cafe where you can get all your meals at a reasonable price! They have traditional Chinese style meals, and western style meals! I only had breakfast at the hotel once, but loved my asian breakfast!

There is currently only one park and Disneytown as of right now, but there is plenty to fill your days at the park! This park is home to the largest Disney castle so far and it is incredible! There are many ride favorite’s at the park, but also rides that are unique to the Shanghai location! My favorite two rides were the Tron Legacy ride, a high-tech rollercoaster with neon lights, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which features large IMAX style screens throughout a water ride!

Also, for my Wonderland lovers, there is a whole section dedicated to Alice in this park! You can lose yourself in the wonderland maze and enjoy a cup of tea at the tea party! Such a cute little area!

In Disneytown, you will find a variety of stores and restaurants! The indoor market style restaurant was my favorite spot to eat, where you could enjoy several options, but I always went for the traditional ramen or some steamed dumplings! Another favorite was breadtalk! Breadtalk was more of a snack option though, not very filling for dinner! I stopped by there before I went to see the Lion King on Broadway! Out of all the shows I have ever seen, this was by far my favorite production! Even though I don’t speak Mandarin, I knew the store and understood the messages and songs. The power of production is such a beautiful thing, and you will not be disappointed if you see this show!

 If you have a couple of days in your Chinese adventure, you definitely want to make a stop to the Disneyland Park! This place is amazing!


3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Into Disneyland Shanghai

    1. Yes! It just opened last summer! The grand opening was amazing! A lot less crowded than I expected it to be, but I loved it! I am trying to go to all 6 parks! I have 2 left, Hong Kong and Tokyo!


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