Will Work For Flights

This past week at work was absolutely brutal. Delta experienced numerous delays and cancellations all while communication within the company was almost nonexistent. Every little thing created a domino effect that carried the situation from bad to worse.

Over the past week, I only got around 4 hours of sleep each night and worked between 12-17 hour days. Due to legalities, I could have chosen not to fly. I could have stayed put after working a certain number of hours and walked away leaving people stranded. Even though this decision should not fall on its employees, my crew and I could not bring ourselves to leave these people stranded. We agreed to work over our max duty period to get these people where they needed to be. We were stranded in Detroit and met so many wonderful passengers who shared their story of where they were going and how this situation effected them. Some of them broke my heart!

This industry is not always perfect and things are never guaranteed to go as planned. However, I am still grateful to work for this company. The worst days at work could never outweigh the number of wonderful experiences I have been given because of them. As I hope for change and better management of these situations in the future, I look back at all the moments over the past 2 years that remind me why I do this. Here is to many more adventures to come! ✈️❤️


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