Falling In Love With Ordinary

Adventuring through exotic places is always fun but everyone needs a relaxing day off! I have found to enjoy ordinary things in different countries after I have done the touristy things. Once you have been to a place a handful of times you start to realize the beauty of everyday life in that area! Here are few of my favorite activities that go under appreciated in other countries:

1. Grocery shopping

I love going to the grocery stories in other countries and seeing how different they are. You find some interesting differences from “milk in a bag” to “Cool American” flavored Doritos! Amsterdam is one of my favorites because they have fresh orange juicing machines in stores and who doesn’t love fresh orange juice? I love to pick up a few little treats and either take them out for a picnic when the weather is nice or pack them for later to take back home with me.

2. Biking/Walking

Forget those tourist tickets and go explore on your own. Some of my favorite layovers have been when I am just walking around the city and peeking in little shops. I feel more like a local, and even though it is not a big excursion, I learn a lot just observing the people in other cultures interact out in the streets. I have become more familiar with my surroundings this way and enjoy the relaxing layout of the trip.

3. Netflix

Before you think, “Who goes to another country and watches Netflix?” remember traveling is my job. There are days that I just don’t feel well and want to lay in bed and other times where I like to go out and explore. At the end of the day though, its always nice to lay in bed and watch a few shows as you fall asleep. The best part about Netflix in other countries is that they other different selections than they do in your own. I love having a new variety of options to choose from and the shows seem even better when you are snuggled up in a clean white bed with some coffee or tea.

I always would suggest getting out and trying/seeing new things, but I hope that no one will ever stop enjoying the simple things as well. Your attitude towards a rainy day will make a huge difference if you just go with the flow and adjust with your surroundings. I promise you will remember times like these just as well as you remember walking through the Louvre and standing in front of the Queen’s palace.

Share your favorite simple moments below!


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