Holidays Around The World

As a flight attendant you agree to work nights, weekends, and holidays. Nervous with anticipation for my first holiday to come, I was prepared for the worst. Nothing against Fargo, but I wouldn’t ideally want to spend the holidays, alone, in North Dakota. Lucky for me, my first holiday was the 4th of July! This isn’t exactly a family holiday so I was ready to drink and celebrate my American Pride anywhere! Crew Scheduling called and sent me to Amsterdam! I am not entirely sure that you can celebrate America’s Independence day in another country, but my crew and I sure did try! We explored the city, drank beers on the side of the canals, and had a delicious dinner with our pilots. At the time, I never new how lucky I would be when it came to the holidays as a flight attendant. Here is a list of destinations I have been over the holidays the past 2 years!

New Years Day

  • 2016-Salt Lake City
  • 2017-Off and in Minneapolis (my home base)

4th Of July

  • 2015-Amsterdam
  • 2016-Off and in Minneapolis


  • 2015-New Orleans
  • 2016-Off and in Phoenix (my hometown)

  • 2015-Phoenix, home with my family
  • 2016-Phoenix, home with my family

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day

  • 2015-London, christmas with my best friend
  • 2016-Phoenix, home with my family

New Years Eve

  • 2015-Salt Lake City
  • 2016-Off and in Minneapolis

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